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About Us

In the 1880s, two brothers of the Poon family; Poon Bei Shi and Poon Ying Shi of Kaiping county in Guangdong province, China began business using the name POON GOOR SOE selling medicinal products. The business prospered and eventually, the fourth son of Poon Bei Shi; Poon Yu Sheng took over the running of the family business. However during the 1911 Revolution, Western medicine became popular which affected the sales. Fortunately, Poon Yu Sheng having keen business acumen decided to revive the family business through the development of new products. At that time he noticed the people in the Southern China , were prone to coughs and colds owing to the hot and humid weather, he decided to develop a cough preparation to meet that needs. He eventually created Poon Goor Soe Pei Pa Lo, a formulation with a blend of well-known herbal ingredients known for their curative properties. He also designed a very intricate and innovative packaging to attract customers; using the portrait of his father and himself. In fact the original design is still being use to this present day with minor modifications; reflecting the endearing and foresightedness of Poon Yu Sheng.

Poon Yu Sheng having the entrepreneur spirit began to expand the business, setting up offices in Hong Kong then to Malaysia and Singapore . Business continued to grow and very quickly the Poon Goor Soe Pei Pa Lo had became a household name. Every mention of Pei pa lo, consumers will think of Poon Goor Soe brand of Pei Pa Lo. Our presence soon expanded to many countries including USA , Canada and many Asian countries.

The Malaysia and Singapore business was later taken over by the son of Poon Yu Sheng, Poon Kuen who continued the family concern. Then in 1991, Poon Kuen's eldest son, Poon Kah Hoe joined the company and had taken the responsibility to continue to build upon the established name of Poon Goor Soe.

In the 1990s the company began to implement the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard of production for its products. Design on the packaging was refreshed; instructional wordings on the package were made more users' friendly.

A new product was launched, the Poon Goor Soe Herbal Lozenges to meet present consumers' demand of convenient packaging and usage. Poon Goor Soe Pei Pa Ko, once discontinued was also re-introduced; its formulation improved and design and packaging refreshed to meet present consumers need. More new products will be introduced at the opportune time to project a wider and complete range of products under Poon Goor Soe branding and is in line with the company's expansion strategy and vision:

PGS Global is committed to continue to build upon the good and established name of Poon Goor Soe through the introduction of new and relevant health related products for the promotion of the well being of today's consumers. We are also committed to be the herbal remedies provider of the millennium.

Presently with our new commitment, we are firmly re-established in Singapore , Malaysia , Brunei , Hong Kong , Thailand , and Indonesia with other countries being added.

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